Mozaik: Partners

Industrial Partners we work with to promote and sell Electronics Production Equipment and Electronics Materials and Services worldwide.

Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKT

Standard and customised thick film pastes for microelectronics, components and sensors applications. Development and manufacture of fine line photoimageable thick film pastes.

Honeystone Ltd

Complete range of production machinery for Thick Film/Thin Film device and Microelectronics Package manufacturing.

Technic Inc.

Precious metal powders and flakes for thick film pastes and polymeric inks


Engineering support services for microelectronics production equipment and tools with a focus on Russia.

Thick Film Accessories Ltd.

Technical consumables for thick film technology manufacturing.


Consultancy, sales and service for polymer adhesives and plastics moulding materials used in electronics assembly and other industries and with a focus on Central Europe.


Assembly and quality assessment equipment for microelectronics production with a focus on the Poland market.